The complete guide to getting paid

One of the hardest parts of running a client service business or freelancing is getting paid. Figuring out what to charge, how to accept payments, chasing late payments, and handling issues can be really challenging. These things take up your time and energy (and they’re not billable), and when things go wrong it can negatively affect your cash flow and the future of your business.

This BravelyGo Guide is here to help you with every aspect of getting paid for your hard work, from setting your rates with confidence to preventing late payments to handling clients who won’t pay like a pro.

What’s covered in this guide:

Chapter 1: Setting rates and prices

  • Differentiating between cost and value
  • Calculating your freelance and service rates
  • Pricing products
  • Additional resources and tips

Chapter 2: Invoicing clients

  • What is an invoice?
  • How to create an invoice
  • What to include in your invoice
  • Four common invoicing mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Chapter 3: Accepting payments from clients

  • Different ways for your business to accept payments
  • The pros and cons for each method
  • How to decide which methods you should offer (and which we recommend)

Chapter 4: Handling payment issues

  • When clients are slow to pay
  • When clients don’t pay
  • When you get a chargeback
  • When you get targeted by a scammer